Plastic, hundred years to dissolve minutes to recycle.

Everybody knows that waste is worldwide problem that needs to be solved. Some things like tin can steel, aluminium, plastic bag, and plastic bottle take a very long time to decompose or biodegrade. Plastic that made of polyethylene in fact need to be photo degrade, which means when the plastic exposed to the sunlight, polyethylene will start to break.

In Jakarta, waste of plastic bottle can be seen everywhere. Most of the people don’t really care about using too much of plastic bottle and the outcome effect. They prefer to buy a mineral water than bring one from home. Most people also mind to bring their own cloth or paper bag to bring their groceries. This might be a small matter but in a country with 257 million people it is a huge problem. The other problem out there, is that some people don’t throw their garbage in a garbage can. Some just throw hit away in a street or ditch or river. This not one cause trouble for another human being but also animals that live close to us. We can read that thousands of birds and fish are dying because they eat our garbage that it mistakenly thought as food. As seen in the video below, how the animals suffer from human doings around the world.

Majority of people in Indonesia knows that plastic bottle can be recycle but do not give much thought about it. It is not a surprising problem in Indonesia if a local citizen whose lives near landfill complain about the smell and the disease it brings to their family. According to the research, Indonesia produces 175.000 tonnes of waste everyday which means 64 million tonnes a year.

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Known also as island country, Indonesia right now is campaigning about plastic recycling to reduce the waste and minimise the growing landfill. The Indonesia free of waste 2020 campaign, arrange community service that is held every year on February 21st to commemorate Hari Peduli Sampah Nasional (Waste Care Day). This campaign will not work unless citizens willing to participate in daily basis too.

In Balikpapan, Muhammad Baedowy turns plastic waste into billions of rupiah. In 2011 he received Indonesia ASEAN Young Green Soldier Award. He sells flake of PET (polyethylene terephthalate) plastic to China, turning  PP (polypropylene) plastic into raffia’s raw material.  M. Baedowy also has network partners from Aceh to Papua.

Women organisation in Burkina Faso turns plastic into skirt and beautiful bag that’s sold in various country.  Coca cola as one of the biggest company using plastic bottle also has campaign that supports recycle. Happiness Machine that is used by Coca Cola not only bring happiness to the participant but also makes recycling process fun. It also makes the company easier to collect all the empty bottles without extra cost!

Another organisation in Indonesia that encourage recycle is Tzu Chi. They not only recycle plastic but also paper, aluminium, steel and etc. In Tzu Chi they have motto turns waste into gold. People can drop their unused thing in Cengkareng, Jakarta Barat. Buddhist based organisation welcome all people regardless of their gender, race, religious beliefs, and disability warmly to be their donors or volunteers.

In Indonesia only in certain cities and places provide trash can that is separated by their trash. Even the trash can is separated, not all people really know how to separate their trash. Minimum amount of trash can in streets and public places also minimum education about separating trash make people ignorantly throw their trash wherever they think okay. The thought of how complicated recycle can be also become one of the reason why people doesn’t bother to do it.

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Further education about separating trash, how to recycle, and minimise the use of plastic is needed in Indonesia to reduce the waste and achieve Indonesia waste free by 2020.  I also suggest collaboration between Indonesia’s government and UK Embassy in giving more information about recycle plastic waste in Indonesia considering the fact that 94% of all local authorities now offer collection facilities for plastic bottles either through your household recycling collection or at recycling centres. Although some of the plastic waste can’t be recycled efficiently, this is one of a good way to reduce waste in the landfill.

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45 Ide Kreatif dari Botol Plastik Bekas


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