Last week, I went to Malaysia and I happened to have the chance to stay in Container Hotel. I knew “Container Hotel” does exists in Malaysia because I followed one of the Co – founder’s son on Instagram. I was curious as how this hotel might look like, so when the opportunity came I asked if my family want to stay there (it also happened to be near to our destination).  It kinds of confusing at first to find the hotel because I could see the sign from far but when I passed the sign all I could see was Chatime outlet. After checking the map, we decided to make a u-turn and realised the hotel entrance located on the left Chatime’s outlet.

The moment I stepped in, I was head over heels for the design! It’s minimalist and natural design are perfect. The hotel use a black shining tank as its reception desk. From the reception I can see the lobby and the room that is built from renewable freight containers with cheerful yellow door. The lobby settings is so cozy and modern. At the end of the lobby near the stairs there’s a glass room lounge. I think the hotel has 30 rooms in total, the first and second floor are for the guests and the third floor is for the staff.

I got here in the night and the lady said there’s only one room left, so I checked on Traveloka if there’s any room and found out there are two more room available. I paid our room through Traveloka which of course cheaper than the usual rate. The thing is, it’s my first time using Traveloka to buy a hotel voucher and I didn’t know there’s another type of room until I gave her my booking number. The lady explained to me the room that I paid for is located in the back and has no toilet inside the room! I was alarmed, I’ve never stayed in a hotel where I had to share bathroom with stranger. I asked her to show us the room and I instantly felt so excited to spend the night and didn’t even mind the fact I had to share the bathroom (which usually never happened !).

The room I stayed for my first day was called concrete. The door’s made of glass and has security alarm that will ring if you don’t close the door properly. Inside there’s a double bed, curtains, wall hanger, two bedside lamp, electricity socket for each side of the bed, and air conditioner (you also get complimentary drink and towel). It also has some space below the bed to keep your luggage. The hotel has three sharing toilet and bathroom, the wash stand is placed outside the bathroom. The concrete room’s designed to face the back side of container deluxe room. You can see the inside because they used architectural glass as  you can see in the picture below.


On the second day, we decided to move to container deluxe room. Not only the room is bigger, it also has a bathroom inside, a television, and hairdryer. The bathroom is clean and neat with a touch of minimalist design it used sliding glass door. I just love how they use glass as external walls and has wooden furniture sits nestled against the glass. I am a bookworm and I can sit there for hours reading under the natural light with a cup of coffee. Man, I couldn’t ask for anything better! My room was on the second floor and I was able to see the concrete room from above. It’s a beautiful view though I still prefer to sleep in the concrete room.

The hotel is located in Jalan Delima, Kuala Lumpur 300m from Prince Court Hospital, 10 minutes walk to Pavilion Mall and about 15 minutes walk to Bukit Bintang. Container Hotel also has branch in Penang and Ipoh. It’s an exciting and pleasant experience for me and I’ll definitely stay here when I visit Kuala Lumpur again!



All pictures were taken by iPhone 6.

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