My Informal Experience

Everyone knows almost every company asks for or prefer someone with formal experiences. We also know they have it in their interview paper and if you’re lucky enough to be interviewed face to face, you’ll be able to tell them that you do have informal experiences. Fresh graduates like me has the privilege to left it empty but what if it’s been a year since you graduate? You have no professional experience while the job’s requirements demand years of experiences or at least one.

Back in university days, I was so thrilled knowing I’m graduating soon. Finally free from all the study and grades thing. It takes me three years and three months to finished my study, two months of waiting to officially graduate. Like any other students, I was excited and had doubts too. What kind of job do I want? Where I want to work? What kind of person my boss will be? Will it be difficult? How does it feel to finally jump in real world?

I went to career expo, submitted my resumes to few companies. Got interviewed and so on. Long story short, few months after graduating I was handed over the responsibility to run my uncle’s shop for six months while he and his wife need to be somewhere else. I was in charge of fancy store that sells toys, baby’s care, bags, jewellery, displays, and school supplies from opening till closing with the help of 5 employees.

Open for twelve hours a day, seven days a week I managed to make friends with customers. I was responsible for the store’s finance, supervised the employee, examined product’s quality, promoted new products, and checked stocks. I was also the one the customers looking for if they had any complaints and the one who made the decision about policy. There were times when I had to check the new arrival products, fixed broken toys, and taught the employee how to operate or use the goods we sold.

I came there with only a little knowledge of how to talk to the customers which I learnt from following my mother around when she works. Being almost 85% percent the owner of the shop for half year taught me a lot of things. I learnt more about multi tasking, paying more attention to the details, prioritised things, appropriate responses, and various tone to talk to customer. Looking back I realise it’s quite a challenging experience. I came to a new place where I had no friends, walked down the street alone twice a week every morning, and made friend with strangers.


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