Last year, I got a chance to go to Penang for a few days. If you have checked my previous post surely you all know how I love the days I spent in Container Hotel. This simple yet awesome hotel has 4 (if the one in the airport is counted) branches. They’re located in Kuala Lumpur, Penang, and Ipoh. I always suggest this hotel to everyone and thrilled with the opportunity to stay in this comfortable place so this time I decided to stay in Container Hotel again!

I went straight to the hotel from the airport using online taxi. Penang is a small town but the view is beautiful and luckily my driver was friendly. He even told us a little bit about their history and must visit place. When we arrived I was taken aback because the hotel is surrounded by old houses and buildings which turn out the hotel is located in UNESCO Heritage Site.

When you first arrive, the hotel looks so small like the size of large stall but when you enter and explore the hotel it actually quite spacious. This time instead of a tank as a receptionist, the front building of the hotel is designed and being used as a bus stop. The color black still dominates the building while vine plant is hanging behind the hotel logo just like the one in Kuala Lumpur.


There’re five sharing rooms on the first floor which divided into female pod, mixed pod and pod plus. Just like the room name, female pod will only be filled by female guests and each pod only able to accommodate one guest just like mixed pod. Pod plus on the other hand is comfortable enough to hold three guests (2 adults and 1 child). I wasn’t able to get the picture of all type of rooms because some was occupied.

The number of pods in one room are varied. The first room has eight pods while the second till the fourth rooms have 12 pods each and the fifth room has 4 pods. The pods are styled to look like bunk bed. Inside the pods, there’s one light, electricity socket to recharge your phone, a mirror, and a small table.

Since the privacy given by the hotel for each pod is blind curtain, they provide lockers outside the rooms near the entrance where you can put your precious belongings and sleep soundly. The bathrooms also located outside with separated showers and bathrooms.

Even though the rooms are for sharing, the hotel makes sure it is safe for the guests since you can’t enter the hotel without the card or permission and each floor requires you to tap your card before you can enter the hallway.

Moving to the second floor there are powder room and living room with hundreds of old books. The one thing that I love about this living room is big windows with natural light. Yes, I’m a fan of big windows and the container hotel design is absolutely a pleasure to my eyes!

Unlike the first floor with pods, the second floor is used for private rooms. There are nine rooms which divided into white rooms (2 adults and 1 child) and white suite (4 adults and 1 child). My room isn’t so spacious but I found it simple yet so cozy. There’s table with wash bowl and two medium heigh wooden stool. Instead of hanging “do not disturb or tidy the room” the old way, they use screen that works like a switch once you tap the screen the light will turn on.  Whenever you look at the balcony it feels like you live in two harmonious world because you can see the touch of traditional building across the street yet the room design is modern. It is a perfect place for those who want to a few days away from hustle and bustle of the big city without missing out the world.

I’d suggest you to not bring a big luggage because it will be difficult for you to bring it upstairs since the stair is double winded one (or you can use the one in the back if you happen to bring a big one, I found out about it the next day). I stayed in white rooms for 2 nights and can’t ask for a better home feeling like hotel. Next stop, Ipoh!



Here are some graffiti you can find if you strolling around the area :


All pictures were taken by iPhone 6.

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