We human are born curious either it has something to do with or without our lives, we just love to know about things even sometimes it brings nothing other than wasting time. Despite the fact knowing that there’s no benefit in knowing about certain things like reading news about people that we don’t even know exist until today or learning topics that will never be used, we find the satisfaction in knowing the answer and having our curiosity fulfilled.

As a kid, we used to explore every part of the house holding and paying attention to the thing that catches our eyes figuring out how it works. However, as we grow older we tend to bury our curiosity. Deep inside we are still wondering how thing works but don’t bother to explore anymore because we are too caught up in our daily routine or have “no time for that” as an excuse.

For some people they may have known what they are passionate about since they were a little while the others still left in the dark having no clue and trust me when I say I know how hard it is to be advised follow your passion while you don’t even know what you’re passionate about (or in my case I have so many dreams that I get confused which one to start).

I couldn’t recall when was the first time I know Mau Belajar Apa. I’ve known this amazing website for a few months but didn’t bother to join one of their classes because live in another city (their main focus is Jakarta but now they have classes on Bandung and Surabaya as well) and when I moved to Jakarta I was too busy catching up with my work till one day I crossed their page and decided to give it a shot.

Mau Belajar Apa is an online platform that promotes learning and inspiration in Indonesia where you can take offline classes and workshops from art to personal development on your convenience time and location. Depending on the class, the price may vary and divided into sessions tho most of them are one session only. Every workshop usually held in different places, mostly on cafés so the atmosphere is comfortable.

Unlike any other usual classes, in Mau Belajar Apa you don’t have to bring anything except yourself to the workshop. The teacher will provide all the materials and equipment needed. The price is also inclusive of light meals, drinks, and your own product. Speaking of curiosity and passion, the one thing I love about this kind of class is that if you decided to join the class and feel satisfied that your curiosity is answered or it turns out it’s not your passion then you can just leave. No strings attached. However, if you feel like this is what you passionate about and want to learn further you can request for private class.

My first class was how to learn capoeira. Capoeira is a very different and unique martial art compared to the other martial arts. Known for its quick and complex maneuvers, predominantly using power, speed, and leverage across a wide variety of kicks, spins, and techniques; this self-defense method from Brazil combines element of dance, acrobatics, and music. Our teacher, Andrew the founder of Viva Brazil has learned Capoeira since he was eight. Since this is our first meeting, he explained to us what is Capoeira and how this martial art is even suitable for ninety years old (Yes, 90!) grandma; followed by strength test and basic movement of Capoeira.

On my second workshop, I learned how to make my own mug set hosted by Dwel Pottery. Not only shaping your own mug, coaster, and stirrer; coloring technique will also be taught in this class. You are allowed to design your mug however you like them either its your favorite animal or cartoon character. If you still have any clay left, you are free to take it home or make another stuff like small figurine. Mine was totoro like two or three other learners while some decided to make whale, rabbit, and even yoda! For this workshop you will be taught hand-building technique by two teachers and your mug will be delivered to you after two weeks (the drying and firing process will be handled by Dwel Pottery).

My latest workshop was how to make your own cinnamon roll. Hosted and taught by Animo Bakery the one that I attended was their last workshop before they move. For those who wants to learn how to bake but feeling not so sure to do it yourself at home then you should join this class. Here they’ll guide you step by step and explain it to you how to make a delicious cinnamon roll. In addition, you can just help the baker with other dough or just chill and enjoy your coffee while waiting.

From these three workshops I’ve joined I can say I got a lot of information than I expected and found my long lost passion. All the teachers are really passionate about what they’re doing, they are so friendly and helpful. They also don’t mind to keep in touch after the class end. Some people told me that the price is quite expensive but from my experience, I can say that it’s quite fair considering the fact I can learn and watch directly from the expert. If I were to learn from google or watch videos from youtube how are they going to tell me that my clay is cracking when I shape it because my hand is too warm? or why my cake as flat as pancake because they failed to mention to not open the oven the first ten minutes on the recipe? Besides as an introvert myself, I get the chance to socialize and expand my circle of friends. I always join the class alone and through this various of workshop I get to meet people from various background and age, make friends with them, and sometimes get motivated or more knowledge by talking with them. Those few things are almost impossible to have if I just sit at home and learn from some website.

Sadly, I kind of feel that their workshops are being piled up in the weekend since it is the only time when people are free from their daily routine; so there are times when I have to choose between workshops (they happen to start around in the same time). Regardless of the situation, I can’t wait till my next class! If you happen to be in the city and have nothing to do, I suggest you to check their page and join one of their classes. Never stop learning guys because life never stop teaching.


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